Vinyl Release Throwdown at Bar DKDC!

The release party for Fool for Losing You was fantastic. We had so much fun and just want to say thanks to all of our friends who came out and to a bunch of new friends! We had a blast rockin Bar DKDC. DJ Matty was awesome and we loved to see people on their feet dancing! Thanks to everyone, to Bar DKDC, to Josh and all the staff at DKDC, and a special thanks to Karen Carrier for letting us tear the house down!

The record went out the door a lot, along with the digital download cards! We hope you guys love it. Thanks to Jeff Powell and Lucas Peterson and Dave Hillis for all their expertise, support and general ass-kicking talent for helping us make this record a reality! We love it and we hope you will too!

Fire up those codes and those turntables and listen to the record and let us know what you think on Twitter (@TheCandy_Co), Facebook, or email us!

Here's a few pics snapped from the show, see the full gallery here!: