• Billie Worley - rhythm guitar and vocals
  • Patrick Miller - lead/rhythm guitar and vocals
  • Terrence Bishop - bass and vocals
  • Jeremy Stanfill - drums, percussion, keyboards
  • Blair Montgomery - saxophone
  • Nahshon Benford - trumpet


The Candy Company was born out of the Memphis summer heat. Bringing Rock N Roll back to it’s roots: bass, drums and guitar, with a little bit of that Memphis flavor in the horns. The Candy Company are a throwback to a happier time in Rock- hard-working and full of energy, it’s about good times, good friends, and good drinks with this band. The Candy Company has played the annual Cooper-Young Festival, been featured at the HiTone during the annual Rock for Love festival, opened for the Pete Best Band at the Cavern downtown, was a frequent headliner at the Buccaneer for years, and now can be seen every Wednesday at Celtic Crossing on Cooper St.


Recently, The Candy Company has been recording with Memphis’ own Jeff Powell at Ardent Studios. The upcoming vinyl release of their songs Fool for Losing You and Last Boat was recorded at Powell’s Humongous Studios, mixed at Ardent Studios, and mastered by Dave Hillis in Seattle. The band went into Ardent Studios again this past winter with Jeff Powell to begin recording their next release which should be out in the first half of 2014.

Who is the Candy Company?